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What's After Boot™ FAQ

While on 10-day Leave:

My Marine was injured or became ill while on leave. Where does s/he get medical care?
While on leave, if your Marine does sustain an injury or need medical attention, s/he should contact your local recruiting office or Marine Corps establishment. S/he should bring his/her medical record and ID card, and they will assist you in getting medical attention. If it is an emergency, go to the nearest hospital, and the cost will be taken care of at a later date. If it is a serious injury that prevents you from reporting to SOI on time, contact the Student Administration Company.

What if there is a family emergency?
A request for a leave extension should only be made in the event of serious personal or family emergency which would require your Marine's continued presence. If a serious personal or family emergency exists, YOUR MARINE* should contact the local American Red Cross and request that they verify the emergency and the need for his/her presence. They will assist your Marine in sending a Red Cross message to his/her new Commanding Officer at SOI. An example of a Red Cross message would be "Father died 16 April. Funeral 19 April. Request five-day emergency leave. Pvt Joe Marine 123 45 6789 USMC." Only your Marine's new Commanding Officer, not the Red Cross, can grant emergency leave.
*In the event your Marine becomes seriously ill or injured and is unable to contact the American Red Cross, you will need to make the contact on his/her behalf.

Getting to SOI after 10-day Leave:

When should my Marine report to SOI?
Your Marine needs to ensure that s/he reports by the date designated on the orders. Look at the signed receiving endorsement on the bottom front page of the orders. That is the date and time that s/he must report by. If for some reason your Marine arrives earlier than that date, s/he should report into SOI. Do NOT get a hotel.

My Marine is interested in participating in rectuiter assistance. How does s/he go about that?
If your Marine is interested in participating in Permissive Recruiter Assistance Support Program (PRASP), s/he needs to contact her/his recruiter's office either during boot camp or while on 10-day leave.

My Marine had recruiter assistance. How much additional leave will s/he earn?
If your Marine participated in the Permissive Recruiter Assistance Support Program (PRASP), s/he will be required to bring a copy of all related documents and endorsements when checking in to SOI. If your Marine was responsible for recruiting an acceptable applicant for enlistment in the Marine Corps, s/he will be granted a five-day extension of the current ten-day leave for a total of 15 days leave. If your Marine is responsible for recruiting two or more acceptable applicants for enlistment in the Marine Corps, s/he will be granted another five-day extension of leave for a total of 20 days leave. If s/he is granted an extension of leave for assistance to the recruiting service, s/he should request that the officer endorsing the leave orders notify the Commanding Officer by message. If your Marine has any questions pertaining to recruiting assistance, get in contact with his/her recruiter.

My Marine lost his money and/or airline ticket. How can s/he get back to SOI?
Should your Marine lose his/her ticket or money and is unable to replace them, s/he should report to the nearest Marine Corps activity (recruiting station, reserve unit, etc.), identify him/herself and request that transportation be furnished. The cost of your Marine's return transportation and meals will be deducted from future pay.

My Marine's transportation back to SOI was delayed. What now?
If the train, bus, or plane is delayed and s/he will be unable to report in on time, call the School of Infantry Student Admin during normal working hours.
SOI / West Phone Numbers:
Normal Working Hours: (760) 725-7833
After Hours: (760) 725-7480 (officer of the day)

About SOI:

Can my son/daughter have his/her car at SOI?
No. Marines are NOT authorized to have private vehicles while at SOI.

Can my Marine's family move with him/her to SOI?
Your Marine is NOT authorized to move dependents with him/her. Your Marine must wait until s/he gets established at the first permanent duty station (a school or temporary duty under instruction is NOT a permanent duty station).

Can my Marine take leave during SOI/MOS?
Unless it's due to a family emergency, your Marine is not able to request leave during SOI/MOS.

Where will my Marine live during SOI?
While a student at ITB or MCTB, your Marine will be living in open squadbays. Most Marines will be issued one wall locker and/or a foot locker. There is not much space to securely store personal effects. Marines should wait until arrival at the first duty station before bringing large bulky items. Students should also avoid bringing expensive items (portable DVD players, MP3 players, cameras, etc.) because they are easily broken and lost here at SOI. Remember, your Marine's training is in the field much of the time. Leaving personal affects behind for days at a time is not advisable or secure. The Marine's entire issue of uniforms and gear that s/he received at the Recruit Depot is all that is required. It is recommended that s/he bring 3 sets of appropriate civilian clothes to wear on liberty. His/her civilian clothes should resemble the Service Charlie uniform (collared shirt, slacks and/or serviceable jeans).

Will we get a mailing address while my Marine is at SOI?
Since most of your Marine's training will be conducted in the field, mail will be delivered as often as possible. Large packages which require a signature are strongly discouraged. Your Marine will provide you with a mailing address as soon as s/he knows it. Please check official Marine Corps documentation for published mailing addresses. (For security and accuracy, does NOT publish mailing addresses online.)

What if my Marine is in the Marine Corps Reserve?
Reserve Marines always go to the "front of the line" for schooling/training. This may cause a delay in schooling/training for new active duty Marines.

Additional Questions and Chain of Command:

How much time does my Marine have between SOI and MOS?
Following graduation from SOI, your Marine will immediately be sent to the transportation center for travel to report immediately to MOS. Upon reaching MOS, your Marine may begin his/her MOS schooling immediately. Alternatively, your Marine's MOS school may be backed up, in which case your Marine may be assigned to perform to guard duty, traffic detail, etc. Your Marine may also have the option of performing recruiter assistance. the maximum amount of time a Marine may participate in RA is 30 days.

I have additional questions. Who do I go to?
If you have additional questions, you need to ask your Marine. You do not have authority to contact your son or daughter's employer to ask questions about his/her performance, responsibilities, or job duties.

My Marine has additional questions. Who does s/he go to?
Should your Marine have a question or need assistance, s/he must ask. Parents do NOT need to ask the questions on behalf of the new Marine. Your Marine's Chain-of-Command (COC) is an important means of handling problems and maintaining accountability. Until your Marine checks in, the School of Infantry Student Administration Officer is his/her point of contact.


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